2773 Ways to Pepperoni

  • Type: Pepperoni
  • Extras: Ranch
  • Cheese: Just right
  • Freshness: middle aged

I’m over on the south end of Edgewood Road running errands and stopped in at a Casey’s on my way back from work. Mmmmmmmm. I’m picking out which two slices are lunch. I could do cheese…. but I can’t imagine why. Spin my way, you pretty red circles of pig.

Only cheese and pepperoni today.

I grabbed 2 slices of pepperoni and moved towards the counter. I was looking for Parmesan and red pepper, but ranch will do the trick. I’ll try some with and some without. Whatever gives me an excuse to eat more pizza in more ways.

This time I came prepared. One napkin for each slice, so pretty much the right amount of grease. I could let the grease pool on top, but it won’t taste any better, and it’s just going to spill all over my shirt if I do.

The real essential oil

Properly “taco”ed, the first slice when quick. Crust was just right, cheese was slightly over browned, but still good. The toppings didn’t completely separate from the crust, which is always a good sign. I’d rather think that I am slowly digesting one artificial life form, not two wall papered together.

Delicious. Or so I assume, since it was gone in two bites. Crust was cooked while still soft. It had dried a bit in the rotisserie, but not much. I took the plunge with the second slice into the ranch.

The ranch made for an entirely different experience. The tang of the ranch was a bit like citrus, but had a hint of fermented fridge meat. Can’t say I’m much impressed with the ranch, but it at least mixes it up a bit.

I was about 5 minutes away from the expiration, but it was better than the 15 minutes away I was a couple days ago. I wonder what time they put it out? Mystery enough to trouble Miss Marple.


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